Energy Curable Printing Solutions for Paper and Board Packaging

Sun Chemical is the Global Leading Provider of Energy Curable Solutions for Paper and Board Printing

In 1969, Sun Chemical patented the first UV inks. Building on that industry first, Sun Chemical continues to lead the charge of innovative solutions for energy curable printing. No matter what print process you use, we have energy curable inks and coatings to meet your needs. From UV-curing solutions to energy beam, explore the options we offer below and work with us to determine which option will work best for you.


packaging-along-store-shelves-aisleSunCure® UV Light-Curing Inks and Coatings

Transform your packaging printing with the dynamic SunCure series. Designed to cater to the ever-evolving needs of the industry, SunCure ensures that you stay ahead with:

  • Expansive Color Spectrum: Unleash vibrant prints with our wide color gamut, making your designs pop and stand out.
  • Rapid Cure Technology: Accelerate your printing process with our fast cure response, optimized for high-speed printing operations.
  • Versatile Application: Whether it’s in-line or off-line coating, SunCure adapts seamlessly, offering unmatched flexibility.

Experience unparalleled adhesion across diverse substrates, including paper, board, plastic, and more. With SunCure, you’re not just choosing an ink and coating solution; you’re embracing a technology that ensures every print is a masterpiece, catering to sensitive applications with ease.

electron-beam-for-energy-curing-printingSunBeam® Electron Beam Inks and Coatings

SunBeam, Sun Chemical’s premier range of electron beam (EB)-curing inks, has been expertly engineered to elevate your printing on paper, board, film, and plastic packaging. Why Choose SunBeam?

  • Versatile and Efficient: SunBeam inks, suitable for a variety of substrates, offer excellent adhesion and quick curing, making them ideal for high-speed electron beam curing processes.
  • Advanced Features for Improved Performance: The inks boast enhanced water tolerance for reduced waste, superior opacity for offset and flexo printing, compatibility with coatings and laminations, vibrant colors with an extended gamut, and low migration for safety in sensitive applications.
  • Eco-Friendly and Safe: Designed to be efficient and eco-friendly, SunBeam inks minimize print waste and adhere to strict safety standards, making them suitable for sensitive packaging like folding cartons.


SunBeam Advance EB

Meet the strictest global standards with inks free from BPA-based chemicals, low in odor, and minimal residual extractables. Ideal for safe food packaging, these inks comply with national regulations and brand owner guidelines, maintaining top-notch pressroom performance even at the highest speeds.


SunBeam Advance II

Tailored for North American markets, this ink set boosts productivity by reducing blanket washes. It’s versatile across substrates, including non-porous types, and addresses stringent labeling laws like California’s Proposition 65. Expect high transfer, excellent lithographic properties, and robust adhesion and abrasion resistance. Its outstanding cure response and color recovery ensure reduced board waste and improved print quality.


Dedication to Food Safety Compliance

Learn more about our dedication to ensuring our energy curable inks and coatings deliver peace of mind.

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Sun Chemical: Your Ally in Meeting Global Packaging Standards

Providing You with a Guide to Food Safety Compliance

In the intricate world of product packaging, where time-to-market pressures, consumer appeal, and customization reign supreme, there’s one aspect that overshadows them all: Food Safety Compliance. At Sun Chemical, we understand that as a brand owner, the safety and compliance of your packaging are paramount. With regulations tightening globally and the demand for low migration solutions escalating, navigating these waters can be overwhelming.

Our comprehensive guide on Energy Curable Ink Solutions provides a roadmap in a sea of complexity. This guide illuminates the path to compliance, safety, and excellence in packaging design.

Troubleshooting Common Energy Curable Printing Challenges

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