SunScreen Real-time Coating Monitoring

Coatings must be properly and accurately applied to achieve performance and sustainability benefits. Without a reliable, real-time method of ensuring proper application, coatings are traditionally applied without sufficient control, resulting in added cost, waste, and inferior packaging performance. Companies rely on off-line laboratory testing during the manufacturing process to ensure proper coating application, but this process is time-consuming and inefficient. (watch video)

Functional coatings are applied during the manufacturing of various packaging materials and are invisible to the unaided eye.

Proper application of coatings is needed to achieve the desired functionality for effective packaging. Without a reliable real time, method for assuring proper application of coatings, traditionally excess coating is applied to meet or exceed minimum coating weight requirements. This approach may lead to excess use of coating materials with the associated added cost and may also have a negative impact on performance. In addition, without the ability to monitor the coating weight during the operation, the presence and consistency of the coating cannot be assured.


What is SunScreen?

SunScreen is an innovative new system designed specifically for real-time monitoring of coatings during the printing operation.

SunScreen’s integrated design can be easily installed on various press configurations and allows the operator to monitor in real time whether the coating has been applied appropriately.

On-screen data provide visual assessments of coating conditions. When faulty coatings are detected, warning messages enable operators to take immediate action. This valuable information is kept digitally to track performance across multiple projects –a key factor in assuring product quality.

SunScreen represents a significant step forward for the packaging industry and reaffirms Sun Chemical and DIC’s commitment to product quality and a more sustainable future.


Sustainable Benefits:

There are increasing environmental concerns with an elevated level of plastics used in this type of packaging.

Companies are transitioning to packaging options with lower plastics content or non-plastic alternatives to improve sustainability and performance. These improved products require the application of special coatings to provide proper performance and enhanced functionality throughout the supply chain journey.

Most importantly, the use of certain coatings also increases recyclability –playing a crucial role in the sustainability of flexible packaging for companies and consumers across the world.


Watch our video to see how SunScreen can monitor the application of your coatings.

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