Lumina® Effect Pigments

Extend the Color Space with Mica-based Pigments

Introducing Lumina® Effect Pigments, the perfect solution for formulators seeking to create exciting new colors and stunning effects. With the highest chroma available, our pigments offer endless styling possibilities that will take your formulations to the next level.

Our unique combination of high chroma and high lightness gives you the freedom to explore new and exciting color combinations. This added flexibility allows you to create colors that truly stand out from the crowd.

With our broad portfolio of effects, you can achieve anything from a subtle satin appearance to a brilliant sparkle that catches the eye. This range of interference and semi-transparent effects includes pigments based on both natural mica and synthetic mica flakes, so you can choose the perfect option for your specific needs.

High Definition for the Automotive Fine Fraction: The New Lumina® HD Range

Lumina® HD are high-definition semitransparent effect pigments based on fine fraction synthetic mica with the highest performance properties. Delivering exceptional chroma, enhanced distinctness of image and subtle sparkle, they allow formulators to style with maximum interference color in the red/blue color area.

Lumina® HD Blue

A high definition, blue interference effect pigment, allowing formulators to style with maximum interference color in the blue color area.

Lumina® HD Russet

A high definition, blue-shade red, semitransparent effect pigment for maximum interference color in the red to maroon color space.


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