SunSpectro® Inks for Surface & Reverse Printing on Film

Surface & Reverse Printing on a Wide Variety of Films

Elevate Your Printing with SunSpectro High-Performance Inks

Unlock unparalleled efficiency in your pressroom with the SunSpectro family of inks. Specially formulated for high-speed surface and reverse printing, these inks are your solution for boosting productivity without compromising on quality. Learn more about the SunSpectro family of inks for your printing needs and experience a seamless blend of speed, versatility, ease, and durability.

Optimized for High-Speed Printing

Experience a new level of printing performance. SunSpectro inks are designed for flawless high-speed printing, ensuring you get top-notch results with no defects. Keep your operations swift and efficient, maintaining a high output without sacrificing quality.

Versatile for Multiple Substrates

Whether you’re working with polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), or polyethylene terephthalate (PET), SunSpectro inks have you covered. Their versatility makes them perfect for a range of flexible packaging applications, offering consistent quality across various film types.

Easy Cleanup and Resolubility

SunSpectro inks are not just about exceptional printing; they also make your workflow smoother with easy cleanup and resolubility. This feature significantly reduces downtime, helping you maintain a more productive and efficient pressroom.


Durable and Resistant

Durability is key in packaging. That’s why SunSpectro inks are engineered to withstand heat, water, scuff, and rub. Your prints will maintain their integrity and appearance, ensuring your packaging looks as good as it performs.

Row-of-bread-packages-on-store-shelfSunSpectro Solvaplast

Take your polyolefin film printing to new heights with SunSpectro Solvaplast solvent-based inks. Tailor-made for both the beauty and the challenges of exterior applications, our inks don’t just bring your prints to life – they make them last.

Why SunSpectro Solvaplast Stands Out:

  • Long-Lasting Vibrance: Dive into a world where color doesn’t fade. Our inks ensure your prints remain as vivid and striking as the day they were printed, standing the test of time and exposure.
  • Toughness, Redefined: Bid farewell to wear and tear. SunSpectro Solvaplast inks are engineered to resist dry dusting and scratches, offering unparalleled resilience under tough conditions.
  • Unmatched Versatility: Whether it’s a bold marketing banner or intricate packaging, these inks adapt effortlessly to a broad spectrum of polyolefin film applications, ensuring your project shines in both form and function.

Experience the SunSpectro Solvaplast Advantage:

Join a world where print quality transcends expectations. SunSpectro Solvaplast inks don’t just print; they bring your visions to life with an unmatched blend of durability, gloss, and versatility. Elevate your printing projects with SunSpectro Solvaplast inks – where quality, resilience, and versatility come together.

whole-wheat-bread-packageSunSpectro SolvaGreen

Suitable for organic and natural food packaging, SunSpectro SolvaGreen flexographic and gravure solvent-based inks feature naturally derived resins and additives and are meant for surface printing on biodegradable films.

These inks conform to the North American standard, ASTM-D: 6954-04, and the European standards for compostability, EN 13432, contain low levels of heavy metals, use a selective pigment range, utilize existing color concentrates to provide a comprehensive color palette, and provide excellent adhesion and non-blocking properties on biodegradable films.

Containing high-renewable content, SunSpectro SolvaGreen enables enhanced biodegradability and compostability.

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