SunStrato® Inks for Laminated Structures

Unmatched Performance at High Speeds

In the fast-paced world of packaging, speed is key. SunStrato inks are designed to keep up with your demands, ensuring flawless performance even at high-speed printing. This means more efficiency and less downtime in your pressroom, maximizing your productivity.

Strong Adhesion and Bond Performance

Quality can’t be compromised. Our SunStrato inks offer superior adhesion and bond strength, ensuring that your packaging withstands the rigors of transport and handling. Trust in an ink that maintains its integrity, giving your products the protection they deserve.

Discover the Evolution of Water-based Inks for Laminated Flexible Packaging Applications

In the flexible packaging converting industry, the move to water-based inks is becoming more and more a reality.

In most regions of the world, converters are requested to minimize or stop the emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the environment, with national or local authorities implementing related regulations and controls in places like China, India, Australia, New Zealand and many countries in Europe, Latin America and North America.

Safety is also a major consideration. In all regions, the use of less flammable products helps reduce fire risk and insurance costs.

cherry-fruit-drink-pouch-by-cherriesIntroducing SunStrato AquaLam Water-based Inks for Laminated Structures

Our SunStrato® AquaLam water-based ink series is designed for laminated structures and offers high resolubility which aids in easier press handling and minimizes downtime, enhancing efficiency in the printing process.

Versatile and High-Performance

Suitable for a wide array of flexible packaging applications, Sunstrato AquaLam boasts excellent adhesion to various films, delivers high bond strength, especially on OPP/OPP and OPP/PE, and maintains bond strength in detergent packaging. Additionally, it features excellent printability, low foaming, stable viscosity, fast drying, and improved wash-up properties. It’s also compatible with standard color bases and suitable for PET and retort packaging.

Sustainable and Technologically Advanced

Sun Chemical leads in developing water-based inks for flexible packaging, applicable to films, aluminum foil, and both single and multi-layer structures. Our portfolio includes eight technologies ranging from simple polyethylene films to complex laminated structures and now even incorporating bio-sourced versions to reduce reliance on oil-based products.

Embrace the future of flexible packaging with our cutting-edge, eco-friendly ink series. Experience unmatched efficiency, stunning print quality, and robust sustainability.

SunStrato Sunester Inks: Superior Flexographic Printing with Unmatched Quality and Performance

Sun Chemical’s SunStrato Sunester family of laminating solvent-based inks offer a revolutionary solution designed specifically for flexographic printing on polyester and polypropylene films. Our inks are crafted to address the core needs of modern printing, ensuring both quality and safety in every print.

Low Solvent Retention for Safer Packaging

With SunStrato Sunester inks, worries about solvent retention are a thing of the past. Our carefully formulated inks offer minimal solvent retention, effectively eliminating concerns related to odor or migration. This feature ensures that your packaging is not just visually appealing, but also safe for consumers.

Superior Adhesion and Bonding Strength

The nitrocellulose-based system of SunStrato Sunester inks guarantees superior adhesive and extrusion bonds. This ensures that your packaging remains durable and intact, maintaining its integrity through various handling and storage conditions.

Versatile Applications, Consistent Quality

SunStrato Sunester inks are ideal for a diverse range of applications. They offer clean printing and are suitable for both conventional and high-performance printing plates, providing versatility without compromising on quality. Whether it’s pouches or various laminated bag structures, SunStrato Sunester is the ink of choice across multiple markets.

Choose SunStrato Sunester inks for your flexographic printing needs and experience a blend of innovation, safety, and quality.

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