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Sheetfed Ink Family for Paper and Board Printing

Cradle-to-Cradle-Platinum-Certified-LogoSunPak FSP EcoPace (only available in Europe)

SunPak FSP, Sun Chemical’s flagship sheetfed offset low migration ink for food packaging, is our first ink to transition to our new PACE varnish technology with the launch of SunPak FSP EcoPace. The inks are designed to support optimal productivity on high-speed modern printing machines and have strong sustainability credentials.

In an era marked by faster machines, lower-quality papers, pricing pressures and sustainability goals, printers are encountering more challenges than ever before. Recognizing these challenges, Sun Chemical has introduced this revolutionary technology based on innovative binder technology that provides a higher body and lower tack.

The benefit of the new technology has been proven through rigorous long-term testing to deliver the highest levels of productivity, the lowest applied cost, and the best overall sustainability benefits. Sun Chemical’s dedication to compliance and certifications also ensures that our products meet current regulatory requirements.

Additionally, Sun Chemical’s commitment to innovation and sustainability is further exemplified by the SunPak FSP EcoPace Process Colours ink range, featuring the FEP29 Process Yellow ink, which acquired a C2C Certified Material Health Certificate™ at the platinum level – a world first for sheetfed conventional low migration inks. The inks are meticulously designed to enhance productivity on high-speed modern printing machines while maintaining strong sustainability credentials.


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SunPak DirectFood Plus

Due to the special raw materials employed within the ink formulation, our specialized SunPak DirectFood Plus ink technology enables safe printing on the inside of food packaging where direct contact with food/confectionary is an option.

SunPak DirectFood Plus offers brilliant color vibrancy and accuracy with an extensive color gamut to choose from. It delivers lithographic stability that allows for seamless integration into a typical fast-paced high productivity printing environment.

The combination of SunPak DirectFood Plus and SunSpec SunStar DFC water-based adhesives now gives printers and brand owners the option to replace plastic barriers and inserts in paper packaging and bring color to the inside of the package. This enhances the consumers’ package opening experience and provides opportunities to amplify product marketing and messaging.

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