Resins for Metal Carboxylates, Sulphur Chemicals, Fluorinated Chemicals, Alkylphenols and Plasticizers

Sun Chemical provides high performance additives like metal carboxylate driers & catalysts, sulphulrised EP additives, fluorosurfactants, alkylphenols, plasticizers etc. for multiple industrial uses and applications.



Metal Carboxylates

DIC’s metal carboxylates serve as catalysts in oxidative drying paints and coatings and as an adhesion control agent in steel cord tires. DIC offers a wide range of high-quality grades based on various metals and organic compounds.

Key attributes and features:

  • Excellent curing promoter
  • Cobalt free driers with no CMR label
  • Suitable for low VOC coatings
  • Excellent drying efficiency in combination with secondary driers
  • Ultra low dark yellowing

DIC’s new DICNATE MV and SG driers are based on manganese salts and use a unique booster technology suitable for various types of oxidative drying inks and coatings. These new cobalt-free driers offer high drying efficiency at very low concentrations and combine well with all types of secondary driers. DIC’s DICNATE driers work in both solvent-based and water-based inks and coatings.


Sulphur Chemicals

DIC’s extreme pressure (EP) lubricant additives are designed for high pressure applications such as metalworking and cutting.

Key attributes and features:

  • High performance in extreme pressure applications
  • Light colored and low odor properties
  • Anti-wear resistance and coefficient of friction reduction capabilities
  • High base oil solubility at a high flash point
  • Environmentally responsible, sulfur-based additives

DAILUBE sulfur-based additives are available in a range of premium grades and can be used to create formulations for specific metalworking applications.


Fluorinated Additives

DIC’s fluorinated additives and coatings are available in a wide range of grades suitable for automotive rubber, plastics, electronics and various coating applications.

Key attributes and features:

  • Superior anti-fingerprint properties
  • Outstanding stain and abrasion resistance
  • Exceptional water and oil repellency
  • Easy cleanability
  • Superior chemical resistance, including alkali resistance
  • Best-in-class anti-blocking and non-diffusing properties
  • Grades optimized for ink formulations

MEGAFACE F-series are sophisticated surfactants and surface modifiers

MEGAFACE RS series are reactive additives for UV coating applications

DIC’s DEFENSA TR solventborne stain-guard coatings are suitable for synthetic and natural leathers in the automotive, hospitality, furniture, apparel, and aerospace industries, as well as for rubber, PVC, PET and various other flexible substrates.


TBC for Monomer Stabilization

DIC’s TBC (4-tert-butylcatechol) is a polymerization inhibitor and stabilizer for unsaturated monomers, such as styrene and butadiene. In addition, TBC is added during the manufacturing process of monomers or products that need to be transported and stored.

Key attributes and features:

  • Exceptional performance as a polymerization inhibitor for monomers
  • High-performance stabilizer for monomers
  • Applicable to manufacturing processes, transportation and storage
  • Available in a variety of forms and solvent-based grades



DIC’s offers various grades of plasticizers for automotive, industrial and household uses.

Key attributes and features:

  • Outstanding adaptability for food packaging films, medical fluid delivery tubes and many more applications
  • Optimal heat stability, compatibility, and plasticizing efficiency
  • Exceptional heat aging resistance
  • Superior flexibility and cold resistance properties
  • Outstanding resistance to oil, water, and chemicals
  • Excellent anti-migration properties

MONOCIZER are dialkyl adipate-type plasticizers that give plastics exceptional flexibility at low temperatures

GLOBINEX are non-phthalate polyester plasticizers that give plastics excellent flexibility, non-migration and oil resistance at high temperatures and are also used in the automotive sector.



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