Coating Resins

Resins for Automotive, Industrial, Decorative and Architectural Coating Markets

Sun Chemical offers a wide variety of resins for waterborne, solventborne, and powder coatings as well as polyurethanes for printing inks and polyester for reactive PU hot melt adhesives. These resins were designed to meet all the coatings needs of the automotive, industrial, decorative and architectural markets.


Water-based Coating Resins

DIC offers waterborne acrylic, polyurethane, polyester, polysiloxane and hybrid technologies for coating applications. DIC’s waterborne emulsions and dispersions ensure the formulation of high-performance coatings for automotive, industrial and decorative applications.

Key attributes and features:

  • Universal adhesion to plastics, glass, metal, or wooden substrates)
  • Superior chemical and crème resistances
  • High-gloss and semi-gloss finish
  • Superior weatherability and gloss retention
  • Excellent metallic pigment orientation
  • Excellent corrosion resistance

DIC’s WATERSOL AC acrylic emulsion utilizes proprietary chemistry and exhibits excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates, superior chemical and cream resistance, and various gloss properties.


Solvent-based Coating Resins

DIC’s solvent-based resins include acrylic, polyester, epoxy ester, polyurethane, phenolic and polysiloxane chemistries designed for high-performance coatings for automotive, industrial and decorative applications.

Key attributes and features:

  • Excellent adhesion directly to a variety of substrates, including metal, glass, wood substrates and many plastics, including untreated automotive polypropylene substrates
  • Excellent OEM overcoatability
  • Outstanding weather and chemical resistances
  • Matte to gloss finishes
  • Exceptional stain resistance
  • Self-cleaning types available

BURNOCK AC acrylic resins provide excellent adhesion directly to various plastic substrates, are fast drying and exhibit excellent metal pigment orientation. DIC’s CERANATE is a range of hybrid polysiloxane acrylic resins that provide exceptional weathering and stain resistance for architectural coatings.


Powder Resins

CERANATE for Exterior Architectural Coatings

DIC’s CERANATE is a range of hybrid polysiloxane acrylic resins which add exceptional weather and stain resistance to architectural coatings. Additionally, CERANATE acrylic resins are optimized for various architectural coatings, including coatings for residential exteriors, automobiles and many more.

Key attributes and features:

  • Outstanding weather resistance
  • Exceptional stain resistance
  • Features a self-cleaning mechanism
  • Superior gloss retention


FINEPLUS AC for Aluminum Rims

DIC’s FINEPLUS GMA acrylic powder resins use exceptional chemistry to deliver powder coatings with superior adhesion to aluminum, corrosion resistance and clarity. DIC’s GMA acrylic resins are optimized for use as the main resin in aluminum wheel coatings, full-body clear coats, architectural metal finishes and many other aluminum applications.

Key attributes and features:

  • Exceptional gloss-control properties from high gloss to full matt finishes.
  • Usable as additives to improve leveling and flow as well as chemical and stain resistance in polyester hybrid and polyester TGIC powder coatings

Polyurethanes for Printing Inks

Solvent-based polyurethane resins used for the formulation of high performance flexo- and gravure printing inks.

Key attributes and features:

  • Provides excellent adhesion to numerous flexible films
  • Provides high bond strengths in various types of laminates
  • Suitable for retort and sterilization applications
  • Resistance to heat, deep-freezing, oils and water
  • Suitable for solventborne laminating inks as well as surface printing inks

The BURNOCK® PU product line offers a range of aliphatic and semi aliphatic resins suitable for the production of solvent-based packaging inks.


Polyesters for Reactive PU Hot Melt Adhesive

DIC’s linear polyester polyol resins for reactive PU hot melt adhesives are used in automotive, wood, textile, shoe, and other industrial applications.

Key attributes and features:

  • High green strength
  • Broad compatibility
  • High hardness
  • Fast setting time

FINEPLUS HM range offers amorphous, semi-crystalline and crystalline polyol types to cater for all your adhesives’ desired properties.




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