Gwent Electronic Materials Limited

Conductive Inks for Biosensors

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In 2016, Sun Chemical acquired Gwent Electronic Materials Limited as part of its Advanced Materials division. Gwent Electronic Materials Limited is a manufacturer of tailor-made conductive inks and materials for biosensors such as blood glucose test strips, materials for a range of biomedical sensors, electroluminescent materials, cermet pastes for oxygen sensors, piezo and hybrid microcircuits as well as novel materials for PCB.

Gwent’s extensive technology portfolio includes:

  • Conductive pastes that may contain precious metal or non-precious metal for various substrates, including passive or active components
  • Dielectric pastes for sensors, PTF circuits and hybrid microcircuits
  • Pastes for sensors, industrial, automotive and biosensors
  • Pastes for all electroceramics and passive components
  • Materials for the electroluminescent market, including a full range of conductive, dielectric and phosphor materials to produce working lamps for high brightness and long-life panels
  • Conductive and insulative inks which can be applied via inkjet equipment and more

Gwent Electronic Materials Limited is fully accredited to the following standards to ensure that its products and research results are carried out to a trusted international standard with full traceability:

  • ISO 9001:2000; the quality standard for consistently meeting customer and regulatory requirements
  • TS ISO 16949; the quality standard for producing materials for the automotive industry
  • ISO 13485; the quality standard for producing materials for the medical industry

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