SunSens Electronic Materials for Biosensors

A Full Portfolio of Screen Applied Materials for Biosensors

Sun Chemical offers a portfolio of screen applied materials that are tailor-made for a range of biosensors, including diagnostic sensors, environmental sensors and agricultural sensors.


Reference/Working/Counter Electrode Materials

  • Various functional carbon pastes with desired electrochemical and impedance properties

Reference/Counter Electrode Materials

  • Low and high temperature metallic reference/counter electrode pastes with desired response and conductivity properties
  • Pseudo carbon reference electrode materials and silver underprint pastes are also available

Mediator Carbon Pastes

  • Mediated carbon pastes for a wide range of substrates
  • Cobalt phthalocyanine and Prussian Blue mediated carbon pastes are suitable for oxidases and dehydrogenases enzyme-based systems

Dielectric/Insulation Electrode Materials

  • Various dielectric/insulating pastes with good definition and printing properties


SunSens Electronic Materials for Medical Sensors
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SunSens-Biosensor Systems for Process Potatoes Brochure

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