SEPAREL® Membrane Degassing for Analytical Devices

Provide more accurate analysis by removing dissolved gasses and bubbles with SEPAREL® Membrane Degassing Modules

SEPAREL® for analytical devices is a hollow fiber membrane developed by DIC Corporation. These degassing modules prevent liquid from passing through a hollow-fiber membrane, allowing only gas to pass through. Using hollow-fiber membranes creates a larger reduction in the amount of water vapor passing through the surface skin (SS) layer membrane in comparison with microporous membranes.

SEPAREL® membrane degassing modules help:

  • Improve the Quality of Medical Tests – bubbles in the reagent solution can cause analysis results to become inaccurate
  • Improve Accuracy – dissolved gasses and bubbles should be removed to improve accuracy

SEPAREL® Membrane Degassing Modules Can Help Improve Quality in Your Applications

Sun Chemical has a variety of module sizes to fit your physical application space.  We can also help you dial in the exact membrane size to fit your degassing requirements.  SEPAREL® hollow-fiber membrane degassing modules can help you reduce leaks, are compatible with a variety of chemicals and are more permeable to gasses compared to competing technology.




DIC Video: What is Degasification and Aeration?
SEPAREL External Perfusion Video
SEPAREL Internal Perfusion Video

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