SunSens Biosensor and Enzymes

Sun Chemical Offers Biosensors Systems and Stabilized Enzymes for the Agricultural Market

Biosensor Systems

Recognizing the need to reduce the levels of acrylamide in potato-based products, Sun Chemical has produced a range of biosensors aimed towards the monitoring of precursors for acrylamide in the agricultural market. Sun Chemical’s SunSens biosensors measure glucose, sucrose and fructose and can be used to monitor precursor levels in potatoes that are either in storage or before the crop is used in the final product.

The biosensors are designed to work with the Sun Chemical potentiostat and the appropriate Android app. The Android app is supplied on a pre-loaded tablet.

Features Include:

  • Step-by-step on-screen guidance
  • Bluetooth connectivity between tablet and the potentiostat, making the device portable and easy to handle
  • Data storage of tests, including a date-stamp and personalized sample labeling onto the tablet (it can be easily transferred to a PC)
  • Time savings thanks to self-sensor calibration carried out with QR-code scanning by using the tablet’s front camera
  • Progress bar showing the overall status of the measurement
  • Software that can be modified to display the data in the units desired by the user

Stabilized Enzymes

By using our in-depth experience and knowledge, Sun Chemical offers a range of stabilized enzyme systems as off-the-shelf products. These materials are manufactured within a tightly controlled environment.

Stabilized enzymes include:



SunSens-Biosensor Systems for Process Potatoes Brochure
SunSens-Enzymes Brochure

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