Specialty UV Inks for Digital Printing

Specialty UV Inkjet Inks for Digital Printing on Non-Porous Substrates

Sun Chemical has extensive knowledge and experience in formulating UV curable inks for a wide range of challenging applications. Accessing the latest materials and production techniques enables a flexible formulation strategy, allowing us to support specific markets and customer needs.

Optimized for printing on non-porous substrates, UV-curable digital inks dry instantly, making them ideal for high-speed printing in demanding industrial applications. Revolutionize your production processes with Sun Chemical’s UV-curable inks for digital printing, and achieve excellent adhesion and durability, while also consistently delivering high-quality precision printing.


SensiJet Garnet

Low viscosity flash cure UV ink

Sun Chemical’s SensiJet Garnet is a specially formulated black ink designed to work with a flash cure bulb. Optimized for cure and solvent resistance, SensiJet Garnet enables UV coding with a small footprint print system equipped with a flash cure bulb rather than a conventional UV or UV LED lamp.

Suitable for printing on composites, plastics and other challenging, non-porous materials, SensiJet® Garnet offers outstanding adhesion and long-lasting fastness. Designed to work in laboratory environments for coding and marking of microbiological samples, SensiJet® Garnet allows brands to achieve intricate, high precision and solvent resistant identification codes. The innovative, quick-drying solution allows for immediate handling after printing, supporting maximum efficiency and minimum downtime.

Key performance benefits:

  • Outstanding print performance
  • High solvent resistance
  • Flash cure compatible
  • High contrast black for coding

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