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SunConsulting: A Site Assessment and Full Color Audit

Site Assessment

Before recommending the deployment of any other specific tools in the SunColorBox, we first need to understand the status of your existing color management workflow. To do that, we carry out an exhaustive site assessment, the first part of our SunConsulting service.

The assessment is carried out by one of Sun Chemical’s 300+ highly trained SunColorBox specialists all over the world. The specialist investigates how color is communicated and managed through each department—not just on the press, but in any and every prepress or origination department—and produces a holistic assessment report detailing what is required to put in place a digital color management workflow that fully complies with international standards.

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The Full Color Audit

Having performed the site assessment, the SunColorBox specialist will then conduct a full color audit as the second part of the SunConsulting service. It’s very easy for converters to have thousands of colors in their portfolio, because the many brands they supply each want their own specific color and, as converters don’t have a system in place to check what colors they’ve previously created for brands, they go ahead and create any new color requested.

This proliferation of created colors means an increase in ink inventory and in manual handling on site, and converters can end up storing thousands and thousands of different colors, many of which are very similar.

To start the journey toward a complete, digital color management workflow and away from working with a physical color standard, a SunColorBox specialist will:

  • Digitize your existing spot color portfolio
  • Perform a harmonization exercise to ensure that the measured color is in fact in alignment with either the Pantone digital master or specific PantoneLIVE Dependent Standard Library
  • Conduct a rationalization audit to remove duplication
  • Confirm the audit results through both digital data and a joint visual validation exercise
  • Rename custom colors
  • Create a set up customized, rationalized and substrate-specific digital libraries that can be hosted on cloud-based solutions and communicated throughout your supply chain.

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SunColorBox Guide

Feel like learning more? Download our SunColorBox Guide.