Transform Sustainably with Metal Packaging

Download Our Infographic to Learn How You Can Transform Sustainably with Metal Packaging

5Rs-Graphic-Reduce-Renew-Recycle-Redesign-ReuseBacked by our 200+ years of knowledge and experience, Sun Chemical is committed to helping the metal packaging industry both thrive and flourish while also achieving sustainability goals, such as waste reduction, efficiency and recyclability.

Using our 5Rs framework (Reuse, Reduce, Renew, Recycle and Redesign) as a guide, we’re investing significantly in R&D to develop biorenewable inks that also improve the pressroom efficiency of your metal package printing projects.


Solutions that are Transforming the Metal Package Printing Marketplace

Download our infographic to:

  • learn about the landscape of sustainability in metal packaging
  • what that means for metal packaging printers and brand owners
  • how our solutions can help meet your sustainability goals



How Sun Chemical Inks for Metal Packaging Improve Pressroom Efficiency and Sustainability Goals





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