Flexo Inks for UV LED Printing

The class leading range of UV LED curing SolarWave™ flexo inks enable environmental improvements within industrial processes, resulting in lower energy consumption and minimized energy costs from production.

SolarWave CRCL DC is Sun Chemical’s new LED/UV curable sustainable offering of recycle friendly ink technology. This performs without the use of for wash-off while still resulting in no discoloration of the wash water or recyclate.

SolarWave FSP (in Europe) and SolarWave DS LM (in North America) UV LED flexo packaging and narrow web compliant inks are available as finished inks or as part of the dispersion system through a dedicated UV LED technology varnish. The inks demonstrate all the capabilities of conventional UV flexo inks when cured under suitable UV LED curing systems.

Unlike traditional methods, UV LED lamps do not produce ozone, do not need extraction, and last longer than medium pressure mercury vapor UV lamps.

SolarWave serves as another example of Sun Chemical products with sustainability benefits that align our goals with those of the United Nations in its Transforming our World: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Our Guide to Sustainable Packaging identifies actions Sun Chemical has taken that we believe will have a positive impact in the development of a more sustainable flexible packaging market.



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