Improve Analysis Accuracy with SEPAREL®

Degasification of Medical Equipment and Analytical Devices

Benefits of Hollow Fiber Membrane Technology

The SEPAREL Advantage

analytical-analysis-in-microscope-at-a-labSEPAREL removes gases and bubbles from samples or reagents, leading to more precise test outcomes.

This makes it an ideal choice for medical lab equipment or analytical devices such as biochemical analyzers, where precise results are crucial for accurate diagnostics.

SEPAREL utilizes a DIC proprietary, non-porous membrane featuring a surface skin membrane for enhanced degasification which brings significant advantages.



Key Attributes and Benefits of SEPAREL

Applicable to Highly Permeable Liquids

DIC’s hollow fiber surface skin membrane consists of an inner porous layer and an outer non-porous layer called “skin layer.” This non-porous skin layer is also applicable with highly permeable liquid.

High Gas Permeability

DIC hollow fibers use Poly(4-methyl-1-pentene) (PMP) as a raw material. PMP’s molecular structure allows a high permeability rate. In combination with a thin skin surface layer (about 1 µm), this enables excellent degassing performance.

Large Surface Area

The smallest outer diameter of DIC hollow fiber SS membranes is about 180 µm. This is the smallest possible diameter for degasification membranes. This structure enables the largest possible membrane surface area within a small space.

Compatible and Versatile

SEPAREL Hollow Fiber Membrane degassing technology works with a wide variety of chemicals and comes in different sizes for specific applications. Our experts can help you choose the right membrane size for your application, ensuring the best performance.

Low Pressure Loss

DIC’s proprietary internal structure allows for compact membrane modules that exhibit low pressure loss.

Make the Switch to SEPAREL Today

When it comes to precision analysis, SEPAREL Membrane Degassing Modules are your go-to choice. By efficiently removing dissolved gases and bubbles, the degassing units from SEPAREL provide a solid foundation for accurate and reliable test results. Watch the videos below to see SEPAREL in action.

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