DIC Group Develops Cobalt Free and Environment-Friendly Driers for Coatings and Inks

TOKYO, JAPAN — April 26, 2021 — DIC Corporation has developed a drier agent that expedites the drying of coatings by accelerating oxidative polymerization without cobalt compounds.

Compliant with European environmental regulations, DIC has begun shipping samples through group company Sun Chemical Corporation, based in New Jersey (U.S.A.), and its European affiliates of the new drier as part of its DICNATE series to coatings and printing manufacturers across Europe. DIC will focus marketing efforts on that region moving forward with a target for annual sales of DICNATE of ¥1.0 billion by fiscal year 2025.

Driers are metal carboxylates that are mixed into coatings and printing inks to hasten curing and drying of coated and printed materials. While cobalt driers are commonly used, cobalt compounds have come under public scrutiny due to their effects on health and environment. Accordingly, demand for cobalt-free alternatives has continued to increase, particularly in Europe.

DIC sought to develop health and environment-friendly driers that satisfy the requirements of the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS)* and which bear GHS pictograms. The new product is made with manganese, the health hazards of which are minimal. DICNATE MV130A drier is for coatings uses sustainable vegetable-based esters as solvents.




Tests conducted in DIC laboratories confirm that the drying performance of DICNATE MV130A used with alkyd coatings is equal to or better than that of cobalt driers.




”We look forward to the expansion of sales of this new product helping to reduce the impact of driers on the environment,” said Satoshi Hashi, Product Manager of Performance Materials Product Division, DIC Corporation. “DIC will continue to promote product development in partnership with Sun Chemical to better meet the needs of DIC Group customers.”

“In partnership with our parent company DIC Cooperation, we are proud to offer these unique, environmentally-friendly new driers to our customers,” said Dr. Stefan Hellwig, Business Development and Technical Service Manager, Advanced Materials, Sun Chemical Corporation. “To support our continued focus on sustainability, these new driers offer highly effective drying performance at low environmental and health impact to satisfy the most urgent market needs.”

Guided by its DIC111 medium-term management plan, the DIC Group is working to provide environment-friendly, high-performance offerings with the aim of both contributing to society and achieving sustainable growth. Going forward, the Group will continue to supply highly functional products that meet the needs of customers in the market for printing inks and coatings, thereby expanding the global scale of this key business.

* The GHS is an internationally agreed-upon system for consistently classifying and clearly labeling the hazards of chemical products, thereby helping to prevent accidents and protect people.

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Reference: Metal carboxylates


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