Release Your Metal Packaging from the Ordinary with Brighter Ideas from Sun Chemical

who can use brighter ideas to really shine on the shelf?

you can.

Get your customers’ attention quickly and outshine the competition with packaging that bursts with potential. Sun Chemical is a true packaging solutions partner who can innovate and inspire your brand from concept to consumer.

89290_SUNCHEM_750x250_LT GREEN

Sun Chemical’s metal packaging division manufactures a wide range of metal decorating inks for two-piece and three-piece cans, tubes, monoblocs and special effects.

By downloading our Brighter Ideas for Metal Decorating Guide, you will learn about Sun Chemical’s expertise across a number of metal packaging applications for canmakers, converters and brand owners. It will demonstrate Sun Chemical’s unique ability to be a global solutions provider and its capabilities through specialized metal packaging solutions, including its special effects portfolio, brand protection and brand color management.


Brighter Ideas Infographic
Brighter Ideas for Packaging Guide
Brighter Ideas for Labels Guide