Sun Chemical Launches Global Cosmetics Color Trends 2024

PARSIPPANY, N.J., U.S.A. – October 20, 2022 – Sun Chemical has launched the global cosmetics color trends program for 2024, “Youtopia,” that includes two chapters of new seasonal trends, Rooted and Distilled. Sun Chemical’s annual program aims to forecast upcoming beauty trends with inspiring colors, textures, effects, and vegan formulations.

“Youtopia defines a state of mind, growth, and peace,” said Kristina Brueggemann, Marketing Manager Color Cosmetics, Sun Chemical. “Inspired by the natural elements of land and water, Youtopia encourages a journey of growth, serenity, and self-expression to reach one’s personal utopia. The program consists of eight finished formulas and 16 virtual colors, brought to life with effect pigments, textures, and new shades.”

The seasonal trend story for spring/summer 2024, “Rooted,” harnesses the power of diversity in society as well as biodiversity in the ecosystem. Its color palette consists of vibrant, bright tones found in nature that represent enthusiasm and adventure and call for radical self-expression to bring fulfillment or “Youtopia.”

This color palette incorporates Sun Chemical’s color travel effect pigments from the Reflecks™ MultiDimensions collection and Flamenco® Summit family of high chroma pearlescent effects for an unexpected pop of color.

“Distilled,” the second chapter, focuses on autumn/winter 2024. Emulating the essence of water, it brings a sense of serenity with luminous neutral tones displaying a subtle tint of color, soothing textures, and dynamic effects. Ranging from holographic to soft, shimmering effects, “Distilled” mimics sunlight reflecting off water, creating a relaxing, peaceful feeling.

The “Distilled” palette features Sun Chemical’s recently launched bold orange effect pigment, Flamenco Summit Orange, which based on natural mica. Making its debut in the “Blushing Mist” shade, the patented multilayer technology provides a rich, clean orange color and bright reflectivity.

Flamenco Summit Orange completes the Flamenco Summit line of effect pigments, which are all made with 100% USA Mica sourced from Sun Chemical’s wholly owned mine in Hartwell, Ga. The bold orange pigment can be used across a variety of cosmetic, skincare and personal care formulations.

Learn more about Sun Chemical’s global color trends program, Flamenco Summit Orange, and the rest of the Sun Chemical portfolio on Pigment Finder.

Learn more about Sun Chemical’s color materials solutions for the cosmetics market.

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