DIC Corporation Acquires Photoresist Polymers Manufacturer PCAS Canada

TOKYO — June 1, 2023 — DIC Corporation has acquired 100% of the shares of Quebec-based PCAS Canada Inc. from French based company PCAS S.A., which manufactures and sells polymers used in photoresists for semiconductor photolithography.

The semiconductor market is growing worldwide and its importance is increasing with the development and proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, artificial intelligence and other advanced information technologies. In this environment, DIC—which seeks to contribute to a society that is increasingly digital, as set forth in its DIC Vision 2030 long-term management plan—has positioned expanding its lineup of photoresist* materials, which are indispensable to semiconductor fabrication, as a key strategy in the area of products for digital applications and is promoting the development of state-of-the-art photoresist polymers.†

PCAS Canada, which has a manufacturing site southeast of Montreal, boasts outstanding production technologies and mass production know-how, and excels in delivering photoresist materials with the superior purity and low metal content required for use in semiconductor photolithography. DIC is confident that the combination of these production technologies with its own synthesis technologies, a key strength, will enhance its ability to respond to the needs of the semiconductor industry, which continues to be driven by technological progress, thus further contributing to digital innovation.

PCAS Canada has since been renamed “Innovation DIC Chimitroniques Inc.” (English company name: “Innovation DIC Chemitronics Inc.”). Looking forward, DIC will work to expedite the company’s development of products for cutting-edge processes, make capital investments to strengthen its supply capabilities, and create a corporate organization suited to the needs of DIC Group customers in both North America and Asia. Through these efforts, DIC will continue to supply materials that underpin the growth and evolution of the semiconductor industry.

Profile of the Acquired Company

Company name: PCAS Canada Inc. (since renamed Innovation DIC Chimitroniques Inc.)

Corporate headquarters: Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, Canada

Year of establishment: 1989

Annual Net Sales: CAD$32 million (fiscal year 2022 result)

Number of employees: 87 (as of March 31, 2023)

Principal operations: Manufacture and sale of polymers used in photoresists for semiconductor photolithography


* Photoresist is a photosensitive material essential to the production of semiconductors and displays. Photoresist is coated on a substrate to protect selected areas. Light is then used to transfer a pattern from an optical mask to the coated substrate. In semiconductor photolithography, photoresists are crucial to the formation of fine electronic circuits on silicon wafers.

† Photoresist polymers are special polymers that are one of the main components of photoresists. The properties of these polymers facilitate the creation of fine patterns on silicon wafers, enabling the manufacture of sophisticated electronics devices.

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