Brexit Statement

Following the outcome of the UK referendum on EU membership in 2016, the UK will leave the European Union on 29th March, 2019. Although there is still some uncertainty surrounding the outcome of “Brexit” negotiations between the UK government and the European Union, we expect the position to become clearer over the coming months.

Sun Chemical has established a Brexit readiness team with experts from all areas of our business to understand and plan for the risks and opportunities associated with Brexit. We are also taking external advice to ensure that our planning is in line with best business practices in the UK and internationally.

We will be proactively working with our customers and suppliers to understand the situation from their perspectives so that these can be included in our planning. We are planning for a range of measures such as additional stock holding of raw materials and advanced production of finished products ahead of March 2019.

If you have any questions with respect to the impact of Brexit on your relationship or business with Sun Chemical, please make contact with us through your representative or primary contact at Sun Chemical who will ensure your concerns are addressed and included in our planning. We shall shortly be producing a response to some frequently asked questions that will reflect our understanding of possible implications.

Felipe Mellado

CMO and Board Member, Sun Chemical

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