Transform Metal Packaging

Transform Sustainably with Metal Packaging

Many important trends are playing a role in the ongoing growth of the metal packaging market, from convenience packaging and growing environmental and health awareness among consumers, to the challenge brand owners face of meeting these expectations while increasing shelf appeal. This means that the whole metal packaging supply chain has a role to play — inks and coatings included.

Backed by our 200+ years of knowledge and experience, Sun Chemical is committed to supporting the metal packaging industry achieve sustainability goals, such as recyclability, waste reduction and efficiency. We continue to seek ways to use soybean oil for metal packaging inks that come from fields that have been certified to not replace other pre-existing natural biodiversity.

This and other solutions show how our approach to sustainable product development includes risk management and eco-efficiency improvements, as well as a proactive approach in working with suppliers, customers, and industry trade groups to promote best practices.

5Rs-Graphic-Reduce-Renew-Recycle-Redesign-ReuseUsing our 5Rs framework (Reuse, Reduce, Renew, Recycle and Redesign) as a guide, Sun Chemical invests significantly in R&D to improve the eco-efficiency and sustainability of packaging that utilizes its inks, coatings and adhesives to support a circular economy.

Download our infographic to:

  • learn about the landscape of sustainability in metal packaging
  • what that means for metal packaging manufacturers and brand owners
  • how our solutions can help meet your sustainability goals

By choosing to operate more sustainably, your print operation will not only play a vital role in helping to reduce waste and lower global CO2 emissions, it can also cut costs, boost business growth and significantly enhance public perception.


Sun Chemical's SunEco Portfolio of Solutions for the Metal Packaging Market


Bio-renewable Inks

We’re working to increase the amount of raw materials sourced from bio-renewable sources for our metal packaging inks.


SunColorBox Color Management Solution

SunDigiProof, one of the tools in the SunColorBox toolkit, is a solution that accelerates the color approval process of metal decorating.


SunAltec Ink Series

Our SunAltec ink series for metal decorating on monobloc aerosol cans provide outstanding performance, superior quality, high productivity and strong resistance properties.


SunDuo Inks

SunDuo inks for two-piece cans optimize metal can print production with good press performance and a high pigment load.


SunTrio Inks

SunTrio inks for three-piece metal deco applications feature low misting at high press speeds, regulatory compliance, good adhesion, and decorating efficiency.


Digital Inks

DigiMet UV and LED cure inkjet inks and varnishes are available for two- and three-piece metal packaging meet low migration compliance for food sensitive metal packaging applications.

Aligning Our Sustainability Goals with the United Nations to Benefit the Metal Decorating Market

We’re aligning with the 2030 Agenda of Sustainable Development by incorporating sustainability in all aspects of our business, from sourcing, manufacturing and the distribution of goods, to regulatory guidance and the development of biorenewable products and other solutions that improve the eco-efficiency of customer processes.








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