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SunDigiGuide: Digitally Printed Book of Brand Production Colors

Sun Chemical’s SunDigiGuide is a digitally printed book (very much like a Pantone book) that is designed to help converters show their brand owner customers the full choice of the spot colors they already have at their disposal.

The proliferation of spot colors in a brand portfolio can be a challenging issue for converters, especially if you have yet to implement a digital workflow and all you’ve had before is a Pantone book and some production samples. By implementing our SunConsulting color audit, Sun Chemical can help you take control of your portfolio by first rationalizing your spot colors—perhaps from 2,000 down to 500—and creating a digital color palette of the retained colors.

To make brand owners aware of the full range of spot colors in the consolidated portfolio, you will then want to communicate that final palette of realistic, achievable colors to them.

To help you to do this, Sun Chemical’s SunDigiGuide, produced within very tight tolerances and customized to your exact requirements, including substrate rendering, texture, company logo, tonal chip, etc., provides you with a customized, professional way of communicating your production palette to your brand owner customers to accurately clarify what is achievable based on their printing process.

As the SunDigiGuide shows brand owners the full choice of the spot colors they already have at their disposal, they are less likely to unnecessarily request the creation of a new color standard, often a time-consuming process. By promoting the reuse of existing colors as much as possible, the SunDigiGuide prevents any delay in the launch of a new product that might otherwise be caused by a lengthy color approval process. It also means that you don’t unnecessarily need to add additional colors to your palette or hold more ink inventory on site.

Customer Testimonial

East Riding Sacks in the UK have used SunDigiGuides to communicate and represent their color palette of three key production substrates: brown kraft, white kraft and coated paper.

“With today’s high expectations of flexographic printing, it is essential we deliver on color. SunDigiGuides help us make correct color choices. They give an immediate visual representation of our extensive color library that we can show our customers which can be beneficial when supplying paper packaging.”

  • -Mr. Darren Evans, Technical Print Reprographics Manager, East Riding Sacks
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