4Plate for Plastic & ID Cards

A complete solutions portfolio for lamination plates.

Formed in 2014, 4Plate is a joint venture organization comprised of lamination plate technologies from Sun Chemical, Progravur and Plascotec. With four global production sites, 4Plate offers plain plates, engraving technologies, plasma coatings and much more.

4Plate offers:

  • Lamination plates made of stainless steel and hardened stainless steel with various surface finishes, including gloss mirror, silk, matte and supermatte
  • Lamination plates composed of brass
  • A wide range of security features, including CLI-MLI, IDOPTIC, 3D effects, latent images, braille, micro-text and guilloches perfectly in register due to positioning pin systems
  • Anti-stick coatings for process optimization
  • Wear-resistant DLC coatings for long-life plates
  • Lamination pads
  • Carrier plates, cover plates and positioning systems
  • Graphic artwork and technical assistance

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