Inkjet Inks for Flexible, Corrugated, Cartonboard, and Direct to Shape Packaging

SunJet strives to be the ink partner of choice for brand owners, integrators and end-users of inkjet printing systems. As digital technology alters the packaging and narrow web printing landscape, SunJet is leading developments into new inkjet technologies for emerging sectors of the packaging markets.

Our broad formulation capabilities and application expertise have helped us deliver market defining technologies, such as the award winning ULM low migration UV ink and revolutionary Aquacure functional aqueous chemistry.

These technologies, now including the latest water-based formulations, create new market opportunities for inkjet within conventional print applications such as, flexible packaging, aseptic cartons, multi-wall sacks, blister lidding, pouches, shrink sleeves, plastic and glass container print, metal decoration, folding cartons, corrugated pre- and post-print and direct to shape package printing.

Key markets served with Amphora packaging inkjet inks include:

  • Food, beverage, cosmetics, agri-pharma, personal care, tobacco, electronic and household goods
  • Functional aqueous inks developed for package printing delivers odor-free prints, superb flexibility, extended color gamut, reduced film weight, enhanced resistance properties and low migration
  • Direct to shape inkjet printing of product containers meets the market needs, including high adhesion, water resistance and can include low migration

Primary Functional Requirements

Ink Type

Product Family

Flexible Packaging

(Amphora – FLEX)

Energy Curable

ULM – low migration UV

ELM – low migration EB


AQP – aqueous pigmented


ALM – hybrid low migration

AFP – hybrid foils


SFP – solvent foils/flex pack


Board Packaging

(Amphora – BOARD)

Energy Curable

UPB – paperboard UV

EPB – paperboard EB


AQP – aqueous pigmented


APB – hybrid low migration


OPB – oil paper board


Direct Packaging

(Amphora – DIRECT)

Energy Curable

UCP – container UV

ECP – container EB


AQP – aqueous


ALM – hybrid low


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