Edible Inks for Direct Food Printing

Digital Edible Inks for Industrial Food Decoration Applications

Sun Chemical’s edible inks offer outstanding color and print sharpness and are well suited for both small and larger businesses and brands looking to bring customization and enhanced consumer experience to their products.

Each range of edible inks offers high production reliability, making them ideal for industrial food decoration and smaller scale applications alike. With short set-up times and low set-up costs, digital printing makes short runs possible, allowing full flexibility in production without compromising on cost or performance.

Whether you’re looking to personalize cookies, fondant sheets, chips or even finished cakes, these compliant digital inks allow for the print-on-demand bespoke solutions that today’s consumers demand.


Inks for Direct Food Printing

With a wealth of experience in the food industry supported by Sun Chemical’s Food & Nutrition business and backed by DIC, Sun Chemical uses the best materials and practices to ensure product safety and brand reputation. Sun Chemical has optimized a solution to offer outstanding print performance across a range of printing systems. Focusing on color and print quality over a range of substrates means our range of edible inks are versatile and reliable in all production environments.


Regulatory Excellence in Food Colors

Consumer safety and brand reputation are at the forefront of our thinking when developing and delivering a solution for printing onto food. Use of edible inks requires compliance to country legislation and the Sun Chemical team can provide support in any registration or compliance need.

All colorants used in the production of Sun Chemical edible inks are carefully selected to be safe and compliant for use in food printing. Each application and country requirement should be checked before implementation.


SensiJet FSE

Synthetic edible ink for low viscosity printheads

Sun Chemical’s SensiJet FSE inks, formulated with synthetic colorants are compatible with piezo and thermal inkjet systems using printheads such as Epson, Funai, HP and Canon. Compatible with a range of substrates including fondant sheets, cookies and baked goods, SensiJet FSE inks produce prints with high color strength and definition to set your product apart.

Key performance benefits:

  • Outstanding print performance on a range of systems
  • Multi-substrate printing
  • Easy installation and start-up
  • Consistent color sharpness and vibrancy
  • Fully compliant with required regulations


Sun Chemical FSR-8

Synthetic edible inks for Ricoh GH2220 heads

FSR-8 inks from Sun Chemical are designed to work in mid-viscosity printheads at 8cP.  Developed using high purity synthetic dyes, FSR-8 inks have excellent color vibrancy and stability, thus delivering reliable printing over production shifts.

Compatible with a full range of foodstuffs, FSR-8 inks print with unrivalled sharpness to enable brands and bakeries to offer customized printing of the highest quality. FSR-8 inks are carefully controlled to ensure compliance with all required standards and registrations.

Key performance benefits:

  • Excellent color vibrancy
  • Trusted product safety
  • Multi-substrate compatibility
  • Excellent image sharpness
  • Industrial print performance over long runs
  • Backed by regulatory expertise


Sun Chemical FGNS

Natural edible inks for food decoration

Sun Chemical FGNS are a range of digital edible inks based on fully natural colorants for direct printing of food, enabling high-level customization of a variety of substrates. FGNS inks are formulated to maximize color strength from natural materials enabling stand out natural prints.

FGNS inks can be used to print onto foods as diverse as cookies, macarons and cereals, giving brands and businesses the opportunity to personalize products and add value in a safe and compliant way. Paying close attention to regulatory and compliance needs of customers and countries, Sun Chemical can work with you on a solution to meet your needs for food decoration.

Key performance benefits:

  • Fully based on natural colorants
  • Trusted product safety
  • Multi-substrate compatibility
  • Excellent image sharpness
  • Industrial print performance over long runs
  • Backed by regulatory expertise

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