LINABLUE® Spirulina Extract

LINABLUE® Natural Blue Colorant

LINABLUE® spirulina extract is the only natural blue colorant which has been approved by the United States, Canada and European regulatory entities. Unlike artificial colorants, there is no dye effect on the tongue from this natural colorant. Spirulina extract has been approved by the FDA in a variety of food and pharma applications including candy, chewing gum, ice cream, beverage mixes, dietary supplements, pharmaceuticals and more. LINABLUE is derived from Spirulina with only water extraction; no organic solvents are used during the process.


Premium Quality Available in Different Forms

LINABLUE is manufactured in accordance with GMP, ISO 9001, and FSSC 22000 Standards. It is kosher and halal certified, microsystin-free and in compliance with applicable U.S. FDA regulations.

At Sun Chemical, we offer different forms of this natural blue colorant to meet your manufacturing needs. Both liquid and powder forms of LINABLUE are available in multiple color values. See the technical sheet below for details. With over 35 years of experience with this natural blue colorant, we will work with you to help optimize your formulations and process conditions to meet your need for pH, temperature and light conditions.


A Global Partner in Sustainability Practice

Along with our parent company, DIC Corporation, Sun Chemical is constantly working to promote sustainable solutions. Our approach to sustainability guides the way we develop, manufacture and distribute products, as well as how we work with our customers and suppliers. We are pleased to announce the LINABLUE production offset 1,300 tons of CO2 annually.




LINABLUE (Spirulina Extract) Sell Sheet
California-Grown Spirulina Sell Sheet

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