DIC.PPS for Automotive

Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS) Portfolio for Automotive Component Applications

DIC’s polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) portfolio is optimized for automotive applications and features outstanding heat and chemical resistance. Additionally, DIC’s PPS series contains a wide variety of engineering compounds formulated with both glass fiber and/or mineral filler to meet a variety of desired characteristics for components in automotive ignition systems, fuel systems, drive systems, control systems and cooling systems. Available elastomer modified grades offer outstanding heat shock resistance and enhanced impact properties.

Automotive component applications represent the market segment where PPS will continue to experience significant growth and provide:

  • excellent elevated temperature performance and chemical resistance (to fuel, engine oil, transmission fluids, coolants and brake fluids)
  • cost reduction benefits associated with increased productivity through injection molding.

In recent years, PPS has successfully replaced metal, aromatic nylons like PPA, phenolic polymers and bulk molding compounds (BMC) in a wide variety of engineered vehicle components.

Due to the extensive DIC.PPS portfolio, these products will deliver the performance features required for even the most demanding component applications – ranging from the smallest electrical connector to the largest charge air cooler located under the hood of many globally produced vehicles.


Electrical system:

  • Ignition coil casing, coil bobbins
  • Transistor ignition housings
  • IC regulators
  • Rectifier terminal blocks
  • Alternator brush holders
  • Fuse cases
  • Air conditioner hose clamps
  • Fuel/intake air flow meters
  • Fuel pump impellers, housings
  • Throttle body valves
  • Exhaust gas control valves
  • Injector coil bobbins

Drive system:

  • ABS system hydraulic pistons
  • Transmission servo pistons

Control system:

  • Hybrid vehicle inverter components
  • Pressure sensors
  • Speed sensors
  • Position sensors
  • ECU control unit housings (engine, power steering…)
  • Solenoid valve bodies

Cooling system:

  • Thermal Management Modules
  • Thermostat housings
  • Coolant pump impellers, housings
  • Radiator end caps

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