RJA Dispersions DPGDA

Dispersions in Dipropylene Glycol Diacrylate (DPGDA) for UV-Curing Inkjet Inks

D3500 series are dispersions in dipropylene glycol diacrylate (DPGDA), CAS number 57472-68-1. These dispersions are to be used in UV-curing inkjet inks. The approved dispersions are presented below. A brief description of the dispersion is given along with the viscosity (cps at 25 C) and the mean particle size determined by dynamic light scattering (dls). The values are typical but should not be considered as specifications, The dispersions have passed our 8-week heat stability testing but vehicles, solvents, and additives can interfere with heat stability.

Product Description Typical Viscosity (cps, 25 C) Typical Mean Particle Size (nM)
D3510-FX-B15:4 28% wt PB15:4 250 100
D3510-FX-K 25% wt Pigment Black 7 150 130
D3510-FX-R122 25% wt PR122 450 130
D3530-Gr36 25% wt Gr36 300 80
D3510A-FX-Y150 20% wt PY150 100 120
D3530-FX-Y185 20% wt PY185 500 90
D3511-V19 25% wt PV19 350 115

FX indicates this dispersion is recommended for fixed array inkjet inks.

Additional colors may be available upon request.


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