SEPAREL® for Water Degassing

DIC’s hollow fiber membrane modules for the degasification and aeration of water.

DIC’s SEPAREL® hollow fiber membrane modules utilize a proprietary internal structure that limits pressure loss while degasifying and aerating water with exceptional efficiency. SEPAREL® modules expand the interfacial area between gas and water to provide outstanding degassing performance. Unlike traditional microfiltration membranes, DIC’s hollow fiber membranes significantly reduce water vapor transmission.

Key attributes & features:

  • Rust prevention in oil and gas pipe systems, cooling water tanks for electric power plants and boiler feedwater systems
  • Deoxidization and decarbonation of ultrapure water
  • Degasification and defoaming of ultrasonic washers
  • Degasification of cooling water for coils
  • Treatment of wastewater

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SEPAREL® For Water Degassing

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