SEPAREL® Membrane Degassing Technology and eFlow®Anti-Static Device

Avoid Dust Re-adhering and Prevent Static Electricity Damage to the Substrate Pattern with SEPAREL® Hollow-Fiber Membrane Degassing Modules

SEPAREL® membrane degassing technology can help reduce the stationary charge that builds up on the surface of a material. For example, electrostatic overstress (EOS) and electrostatic discharge (ESD) can lead to field failures in semiconductors.

The SEPAREL® membrane degassing module and eFLOW® Series may help to control the specific resistance value of ultra-pure water by supplying carbon dioxide through a hollow fiber gas permeable membrane uniquely developed by DIC. This makes it possible to avoid dust re-adhering, and to prevent static electricity damage to the substrate pattern.


The SEPAREL® Difference

  • The simple structure results in few breakdowns.
  • Unique pipe distribution system controls the specific resistance value and has excellent stability.
  • Long lifespan of the carbon dioxide gas injection module.

 Custom Specifications/Devices

  • Clean specification (flow rate up to 30 L/min)
  • Low specific resistance (0.25 to 0.05 MΩ·cm) types
  • Small/separate electrical section types
  • Large flow rate (100 L/min) types
  • Other types, customizable

Major Applications

  • Mask, reticle cleaning
  • Scrubber cleaning
  • High-pressure jet cleaning
  • Cleaning in the dicing stage
  • Cell cleaning




Video: Introduction to SEPAREL
Video: Internal Flow Module
Video: External Flow Module

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