SEPAREL® Degassing for Semiconductors

Control Fluid Degasification and Aeration in Semiconductor Microchip Processing Using SEPAREL® Hollow-Fiber Membrane Degassing Modules

SEPAREL® membrane degassing technology can be used in a wide range of applications in the front-end processes of semiconductor chip processing. Providing excellent degassing for plating solutions, photoresist immersion lithography, etching, and developing solution.

SEPAREL® membrane degassing technology is manufactured to semiconductor standards at DIC Corporation’s facility in Chiba, Japan.  All products are tested and inspected as required by semiconductor standards.


Major Applications

  • Wafer cleaning; aeration for functional water production
  • Deposition process; degassing plating solutions
  • Photoresist coating; Degassing photoresist
  • Exposure; degassing immersion liquid
  • Development; degassing developer solution
  • Etching; degassing etching solution




DIC Video: What is Degasification and Aeration?
SEPAREL External Perfusion Video
SEPAREL Internal Perfusion Video
SEPAREL® Overview: How Degassing is Critical for Wafer Deposition Process

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