SEPAREL® Membrane Degassing for Films and Coatings

Prevent Coating Defects and Promote a Smooth Appearance When you use SEPAREL Membrane Degassing Modules

SEPAREL® hollow-fiber degassing modules can help prevent pinholes, cracking and “sputtering” often associated with the production of thin films and coatings. Unwanted outgassing can cause issues in your production. SEPAREL membrane degassing modules remove dissolved gases, such as oxygen and carbon dioxide, from liquids. Passing fluid through a membrane of bundled hollow fibers dissolves impurities such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide, oxygen, and other material, thereby increasing the purity.

SEPAREL membrane degassing modules help to:

  • Prevent Coating Defects – Remove unwanted gas from your process
  • Provide Smooth Appearance – Degassing can help prevent pinholes, cracks and “sputtering”
  • Less Waste – Proper degassing can help reduce noncompliance


SEPAREL Degassing Modules Can Help Improve Quality in Your Applications

Sun Chemical has a variety of module sizes to fit your physical application space. We can also help you dial in the exact membrane size to fit your degassing requirements. SEPAREL hollow-fiber membrane degassing modules can help you reduce leaks, are compatible with a variety of chemicals, and are more permeable to gasses compared to competing technology.




DIC Video: What is Degasification and Aeration?
SEPAREL External Perfusion Video
SEPAREL Internal Perfusion Video

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