Imagecure Soldermask

A Full Range of Colors and Finishes for a Variety of Soldermask Applications



Imagecure Soldermask (LPISM)

Soldermask for rigid printed circuits boards (PCBs) can be applied using screen print, curtain coat or spray methods and provide a wide process window.

  • Available in a range of colors and halogen free versions
  • Global approval by OEMs in automotive, medical, aerospace, telecom and other industries
  • Fine solder dam capabilities
  • Small hole clearance
  • Wide process window
  • Versions available for use with direct imaging (DI) equipment


Imagecure HT

  • Exceeds industry standards for thermal cycling & thermal storage
  • -40°C/+180°C for 1000 cycles
  • -40°C/+170°C for 2000 cycles
  • 180°C for 2000 hours storage
  • Screen print, curtain coat or spray application
  • Can be exposed using ‘conventional’ light source or direct image
  • Low ionics
  • High surface tension


Imagecure DI

  • Screen print, curtain coat or spray application
  • Suitable for all direct image light sources
  • Fine feature capability to <50μm
  • Fast exposure



  • All of the versions within the Imagecure soldermask range meet IPC test standards as a minimum, with some versions also carrying NASA Outgassing and Major Automotive approvals.
  • Comply with RoHS, WEEE
  • UL Listed
  • All raw materials used within Europe comply with the REACH regulations.


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