Streamline® APY

Formulated for High Speed Machines Using Kyocera Printheads

Streamline APY is a pigmented aqueous inkjet ink series with excellent press start-up and open time performance that’s been formulated for industrial poster printing presses using Kyocera printheads. Streamline APY is a high color strength ink series, offering 30% ink consumption saving compared to other market inks. Streamline APY inks use patented fast drying aqueous chemistry that reduces energy consumption costs and enables low odor industrial poster printing. Streamline APY is available in CMYK in a 10L pack. An optimized flush is available.


Key Features

  • Up to 30% ink consumption savings compared to alternative inks
  • Optimized for high speed poster print presses using Kyocera print heads
  • High color strength CMYK aqueous ink series
  • Patented fast drying aqueous ink chemistry
  • Low odor aqueous ink formulation
  • Excellent press start-up and open time performance
  • Higher color strength for back-lit poster display applications.


Switching to Streamline APY:

Converting to Streamline APY inks enables you to improve your printer performance and increase your productivity. A team of Sun Chemical approved engineers are ready to assist you to make the change to Streamline APY.


See How SIMSA Italia Benefited from Converting to Streamline APY. 

“The conversion to Streamline APY was easy thanks to the dedication and efficiency of the Sun Chemical engineering team. While a development ink at the time of introduction, we have used the ink for over two years and consistently produce reliable and faithful color values and print quality. The Sun Chemical engineers provided new color profiles that have reduced our ink and energy consumption without compromising our print quality”.
– Oscar Stucchi, President, SISMA Italia




SISMA Italia Case Study

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