Streamline® Super Wide Format

The Alternative Solvent inkjet Inks from Sun Chemical

Streamline Super Wide Format

Streamline commitment to super wide format solvent inkjet

Streamline is committed to the super wide format solvent (SWF) inkjet market, bringing next generation ink chemistries to get the best out of the popular super wide format solvent printers used in the market. Streamline super wide solvent inks are formulated for increased productivity with high volume, high speed printing.

Streamline Super Wide Format inks Key features:

  • Improved ink drying allows Faster print modes
  • Reduce dryer temperatures and energy costs
  • Reduce ink overspray and improve print quality
  • Reduce ink clean-ups, start next print job earlier
  • Available in 5 litre and 10 litre packs

Streamline ‘RP’ Super Wide Format inks

Reducing operational costs is also a key goal in the high volume World of super
wide format printing. Our Rapide ‘RP‘ series SWF inks offer a high print quality
formulated for print applications where high light fastness is not required.

Rapide ‘RP’ series available as alternative options for:

Magenta & Yellow inks

Our teams of engineers are available to service your printer and assist you with ink conversions


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