Stretchable Electronics

Broad Range of Products for Stretchable and Wearable Electronics

Sun Chemical’s SunTronic solutions for stretchable and wearable electronics contains a range of functional materials to support applications where high level of conformability is required. This allows for easier integration of electronic functionality into stretchable and wearable materials which are typically not possible with traditional copper based circuits.

Key Features of Our Offerings for Stretchable and Wearable Electronics

  • Screen printable elastic silver and carbon inks with high levels of conformability and elongation capability, exceeding 100% elongation
  • UV and UV-LED curable stretchable dielectric for crossover insulation
  • Water-based stretchable encapsulant and a screen printable carrier enable direct patterning of multi-layer encapsulated stretchable structures
  • SunTronic stretchable electronic materials offer wide range of design options for your next stretchable and wearable electronic project.


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