SunGraphics Plates

Integrated Capabilities to Offer Innovative Platemaking Solutions

SunGraphics can work with printers and brand owners to provide solutions that streamline the hand-off from brands and printers. Our unique offering can provide solutions from art design to pre-press and plate production.

As part of the Sun Chemical team, SunGraphics can seamlessly provide integrated solutions to streamline key touch points and improve the process. Our capabilities include:

  • Complete pre-press package, from artwork to delivered printing plates, plus expertise with ink and coating offering
  • Ability to review artwork, order and track plates in real-time
  • Sustainable plates available for specific markets
  • Coast-to-coast production coverage
  • In-plant plate production at customer locations
  • Art services available for a variety of print processes, including:
    • Direct print (corrugated/narrow/wide)
    • Pre-print
    • Lithographic
    • Digital
    • Innovative plate making solutions


Brand Owners

SunGraphics can work with brand owners to ensure the brand assets are maximized during the plate making process. Our team works with brand owners every step of the process, including the  delivery of plates to a designated printer.



SunGraphics can provide printing plates that work with current press configurations and meet brand owner needs. All backed with Sun Chemical’s expertise with inks, coatings and adhesives — a trusted partner for over 200 years.

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