SunMotion™ Edge-Lit Transparent Display Technology

SunMotion™ Interactive Technology Captivates Consumers with Color and Motion to Drive Sales

SunMotion™ is a cost-effective visual display system which delivers captivating illuminated moving imagery. It utilizes transparent inks, which are printed on clear plastic. When edge lit, the images fluoresce into full color graphics. By layering prints, and alternating their respective LEDs, shoppers are attracted to the display by motion and colorful graphics that elevates their experience and brand awareness. It is being used in large-box retail stores today.


Highlight Your Product

The stacked images have excellent transparency, so that when the illumination is turned off, the image “disappears,” allowing a clear view through the printed panel. Up to three images can be stacked, or you can stack two images followed by an illuminated view of a physical product.

This means that printed SunMotion panels can be used on items such as refrigerator fronts or display cases in stores to advertise features/special offers etc., and yet still allow customers to look through the panel and see the items for sale.


Key Features:

  • Transparent images alternate then become transparent to celebrate product.
  • Demonstrated sales lift. Numerous studies show by as much as 33%-440%.
  • In store today. Approved for use in major retailer.
  • Graphics updated in less than one minute.
  • Affordable printed transparent ink + LED construction. No wi-fi.
  • Tailorable shape, size, and finishing.
  • Concept within an hour; prototype within days; production ready within weeks.



Cosmetic Product Displays | 3D Glorifiers | Light Boxes | Rectangular 2 or 3 Image Signs (headers, inset horizontal or vertical signs) | POP Signs | Cooler Headers | Cooler Doors | Aisle Interrupters (profile cut, dual sided, small to 4’ tall) | Shelf Strips | Beer Tap Medallions | End Cap Elements | Cylindrical Bottle Glorifiers | Circular or Curved Signs | Thermoformed Multi-image Displays


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SunMotion™ Mass Beauty Style Video
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SunMotion™ Acrylic Box Video
SunMotion™ Sensor Activated Technology Overview

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