SunSens for Biosensors

A Full Range of Products for Sensors

Sun Chemical offers a wide portfolio of screen applied materials that are tailored for a range of biosensor systems as well as a selection of stabilized enzymes that can be used in the medical, agricultural and environmental markets.

SunSens Inks for Biosensors

Sun Chemical Advanced Materials offers a portfolio of inks and pastes that are tailor-made for biosensors, including diagnostic sensors and environmental sensors. SunSens biosensor products are available in screen, rotary and custom formulations.


SunSens Biosensors for Agrifood Monitoring & Stabilized Enzymes Solutions

Sun Chemical provide a range of biosensors for the monitoring of agrifood, such as the measurement of precursors to chemicals such as acrylamide. Allowing the user to monitor their crops, to ensure low acrylamide levels in the final product.

Sun Chemical also provides a selection of SunSens stabilized enzymes that offer opportunities to applications where the unstabilized form has limited performance. SunSens helps reach this stability through electrostatically combining the enzyme with unique mixtures of polymers and polyalcohols.




SunSens Electronic Materials for Medical Sensors
SunSens-Biosensor Systems for Process Potatoes Brochure
SunSens-Enzymes Brochure

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