Sun Chemical Advanced Materials is focused on developing electronic materials solutions to support a comprehensive range of applications in printed electronics.

Our SunTronic™ materials portfolio includes:

  • ECLIPSE materials for printed electronics applications including sensors, touch switches, printed antenna, displays, electronic lighting and “smart” packaging.
  • NANOSILVER materials for OLED panels, thin-film photovoltaic designs, printed mobile antennae, RFID and touch screen displays.
  • CELLMET materials for c-Si photovoltaics including Front Ag, Back Ag and Aluminum products as well as advanced materials to support Selective Emitter and Integrated Back Contact cell designs.
  • SOLSYS materials for Thin Film Photovoltaics including CIGS, CDTE, OPV and DSSC.


Electronic Materials Brochure
Nanosilver Ink Brochure
Conductive Inks Brochure

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