Sun Chemical Introduces Two New SunPURO® Natural Colors for Cosmetics and Personal Care

PARSIPPANY, N.J., U.S.A.  – December 14, 2023 – Sun Chemical has expanded its SunPURO® Naturals product line to meet the beauty industry’s growing need for responsibly sourced natural colorants in cosmetic and personal care formulations.

SunPURO® Natural Carotene O N70-2317 is a farmed beta carotene, derived from dunaliella salina algae. A globally approved natural colorant that imparts a warm orange hue, SunPURO® Natural Carotene O N70-2317 delivers vivid color from yellow to orange and antioxidant properties which can be used in both color cosmetics and skincare products.

SunPURO® Natural Carotene BTO N70-2527 is a natural, orange-red colorant made through the bio-fermentation of beta carotene. The bio-fermentation process allows for enhanced yield while minimizing the product’s environmental impact.

“We’re excited to add these two new products to our SunPURO® Naturals family” said Edward Webb, Global Director, Cosmetics at Sun Chemical. “With sustainability as a pillar in Sun Chemical’s strategy, we strive to provide natural solutions with less impact on the environment. Providing ingredients made through bio-fermentation allows for sustainable innovation in the naturals space. We look forward to introducing more colorful and natural solutions to the beauty industry.”

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