SEPAREL® Membrane Degasification Technology for Inks

SEPAREL® Membrane Degassing Modules Easily Degas your Inkjet Ink with Unmatched Hollow-Fiber Technology

SEPAREL® modules from the DIC Corporation support inline degasification of ink within all sizes of inkjet printers.

Our proprietary hollow-fiber membrane expands the interfacial area between gas and inkjet ink to provide unmatched degassing performance. Unlike traditional microfiltration membranes, the hollow fiber membrane significantly reduces inkjet ink evaporation during degasification. SEPAREL modules can degasify inkjet ink at almost any ppb level.

SEPAREL® membrane degassing modules help:

  • Remove gas bubbles in ink lines to ensure consistently smooth printing
  • Help stabilize printing by avoiding clogged printhead nozzles
  • Avoid printer failure; save printer cleaning time
  • Remove gas bubbles prior to filling tanks, cartridges, bags, or bottles prior to packaging


SEPAREL® Membrane Degassing Modules Can Help Improve Quality in Your Applications

Sun Chemical has a variety of module sizes to fit your physical application space. We can also help you dial in the exact membrane size to fit your degassing requirements. SEPAREL hollow-fiber membrane degassing modules can help you reduce leaks, are compatible with a variety of chemicals and are more permeable to gasses compared to competing technology.



DIC Video: What is Degasification and Aeration?
SEPAREL External Perfusion Video
SEPAREL Internal Perfusion Video
SEPAREL® Hollow Fiber Membrane Modules Sales Sheet

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