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SolarVerse™ Concentrate and Technology Varnish System.

Sun Chemical has developed a new concept to provide not only a significant upgrade in print performance and handling, but a flexibility never seen before in UV Flexo.

Sun Chemical SolarVerse system is unique and ground-breaking because of the high pigmentation, low viscosity and free-flowing nature of the concentrates, making them dispensable from an unmodified UV flexo dispenser. This opens up all the advantages of having a versatile Concentrate and Technology Varnish system but without having to invest in expensive ‘High Viscosity’ Dispensers or having to resort to manual dispensing.

The SolarVerse concentrates themselves are formulated from materials that allow the manufacture of Food Packaging Compliant inks when blended in the correct ratio with an appropriate Technology Varnish.

Special Features

  • A range of high strength, low viscosity, free-flowing pigment concentrates
  • Dispensable from a standard UV Flexo dispenser
  • Single-pigment concentrates for the strongest, brightest, cleanest shades and widest colour gamut
  • A range of Technology Varnishes:
    • Optimised for specific applications
    • Dispensable from a single dispenser to produce more than one range of inks
  • A simple mixing ratio to produce high strength, low viscosity UV Flexo inks
  • Reduced inventory
  • Supported by colour management tools:
    • Predictive Databases
    • Formulation Guides
    • Conversion Tools