Stratum Plastika Mesojedec Reaps Sustainability Benefits with Sun Chemical SunStrato® AquaLam Gen2 Ink Series

SOUTH NORMANTON, UK – 13th March 2024 – Stratum Plastika Mesojedec, based in Slovenia, is one of the largest manufacturers of packaging materials. The company has invested in Sun Chemical’s SunStrato® AquaLam Gen2 ink series using AquaLam Gen2 water-based inks for seven colour Extended Colour Gamut (ECG) printing.

The ink series is used to print high-quality laminated packaging on Stratum’s newly installed Uteco ONYX XS press, combined with state-of-the-art printing plates from Compress using Miraclon’s PureFlexo™ printing technology and advanced anilox from Sandon Global, enabling them to print on a wide range of OPP and PET substrates. Significant investment has been made by the company, including a water distillation unit aiding them with their water returns and proving their focus on making this solvent-free technology work.

An outstanding water-based solution for printing laminated and retortable flexible packaging, the SunStrato AquaLam Gen2 ink series reinforces Sun Chemical’s position of leadership in flexible packaging. AquaLam Gen2 is the second generation of inks within the established AquaLam range. Offering enhanced quality, printability, and bond strength, the inks can help to significantly reduce CO2 and volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions.

Being in the industry for over 30 years and running heavy graphic designs for the food industry, such as meat and beverages, on a large range of film substrates, water-based inks when combined with solvent-free adhesives, have been the perfect choice for Stratum. Water-based inks have enabled them to print flexible packaging in high definition and with vivid colours to attract the attention of consumers at retail outlets.

Andrej Mesojedec, Owner and CEO, Stratum Plastika Mesojedec comments: “Our decision to transition into water-based inks reflects our commitment to the well-being of our employees, to our local community and to the environment. The elimination of solvents from our production process aligns perfectly with our vision for 2040 as we are determined to reduce our CO2 footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future. This transformation not only benefits our employees but also makes handling inks more manageable, simplifying our operations and enhancing efficiency. By adopting water-based inks, we’ve not only prioritised the health and safety of our workforce but have also taken significant steps towards reducing our environmental impact, fostering a more eco-conscious production process.”

Jure Celarc, Production Manager, Stratum Plastika Mesojedec adds: “I recognise that there are no major changes in the water-based handling inks compared to solvent-based and that it will not be necessary to change anything significantly for, at least, comparable product quality. With the right approach and the support of external partners, we managed to achieve a successful transition.”

Richard Seymour, Technical Support Manager, Water-based Liquid Inks, Europe at Sun Chemical comments: “The comments from Stratum Plastika Mesojedec come as no surprise as, with the correct printing conditions, water-based products can equal other technologies in terms of resistance and prove to be very easy to handle on press. Water-based inks give great stability during print runs, which has been proven through excellent feedback from operators, even with a lifetime of experience with other ink technologies.

The Sun Chemical technical teams work very closely with the customer to ensure that the technology runs as seamlessly as possible, and all aspects are covered, such as differences in drying on and off press, and ink handling to maximise output. Full training is provided to the teams and backed up by their wealth of experience in the flexible packaging market.”

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