Sun Chemical Introduces SunStrato® AquaLam Gen2 Ink Series

SOUTH NORMANTON, UK January 10, 2024 Sun Chemical has launched the SunStrato® AquaLam Gen2 ink series, an outstanding water-based solution for printing laminated and retortable flexible packaging.

AquaLam Gen2 is the second generation of inks within the established AquaLam range. Offering enhanced quality, printability, and bond strength, the range can help reduce volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions and CO2 emissions by 18-20% versus comparable solvent-based inks typically used in similar applications. Results may vary based on factors such as solvent recycling, energy sources and drying efficiency.

Impressive results are already being achieved with AquaLam Gen2 by some flexible packaging producers with 7 colour extended colour gamut (ECG) to produce high-quality laminated packaging, combining newly installed press with state-of-the-art printing plates and advanced anilox sets.

In addition to their vision of a more sustainable future, other considerations to transition to the AquaLam Gen2 inks included employee health concerns, ink handling efficiency improvements, and safety, including fire safety.

Richard Seymour, Technical Support Manager, Water-based Liquid Inks, Europe, at Sun Chemical says: “The launch of this new range once again showcases Sun Chemical’s commitment to R&D as well as sustainable products and processes solutions. Truly outstanding high-quality laminated packaging with enhanced bond-strength is being achieved by several early adopters, and we look forward to helping more packaging producers and brand owners to experience the same.”

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