Sun Chemical Launches SunLit® ProPace

SOUTH NORMANTON, UK – January 9, 2023 – Sun Chemical has launched SunLit® ProPace, the latest generation of vegetable oil based sheetfed process printing inks designed specifically for helping printers increase productivity in commercial publication and non-food packaging printing.

Featuring excellent stability, fast setting, low misting, and low tack, SunLit ProPace is designed to run on a wide array of substrates including problematic paper and board. It is suitable for both high speed perfecting and straight presses running multiple shift patters, up to twenty-four hours.

SunLit ProPace is based on Sun Chemical’s revolutionary new Pace varnish technology platform – the result of extensive research and development into new materials that enable highly versatile and reliable printing inks that deliver consistent high-quality results in fast-moving production environments, especially on the more challenging papers and boards.

The inks provide excellent results on the very latest modern high-speed printing machines. At high speeds, SunLit ProPace’s low misting performance was a vital goal within the development process. SunLit ProPace does not use environmentally problematic PTFE wax and contains higher levels of bio-renewable materials.

Jim Buchanan, Product Director Sheetfed Systems at Sun Chemical comments: “We are very excited about the latest product from our Pace technology line. The feedback from our test partners has been overwhelmingly positive and we see this as a solution that enables a step change in performance especially for printers who are pushing the boundaries of productivity, be that high volume production or shorter run lengths where the highly stable and fast responsive nature of the inks ensures quick and efficient make readies. We believe SunLit ProPace can help drive those extra gains that can help make the difference in what is a very challenging environment for our clients. What’s more, the range is another example of Sun Chemical’s continued commitment to sustainability as we reduce the carbon footprint of our own products and processes, as well as our customers.”

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