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myColorCloud by Sun Chemical: Cloud-Based Repository for Customers’ Spot Color Libraries

While some converters may not have a digital color standards library at all, for those of you that do, the challenge is keeping this data up to date, managing any changes and communicating the data to the other sites within your group and back through the supply chain. SunColorBox offers a solution to this challenge in the form of myColorCloud by Sun Chemical.

A private and secure cloud-based system that uses the PantoneLIVE infrastructure, myColorCloud is the ideal host for a customer’s customized digital library of spot colors. Each library is created during the audit service conducted as part of SunConsulting, the first tool deployed from the SunColorBox.

Sun Chemical will harmonize some of your colors over to PantoneLIVE and then, for any that don’t match a PantoneLIVE color, we’ll create a customized library of those colors for you in myColorCloud. Once your spot color database has been uploaded to myColorCloud, your spot colors can be accessed throughout your entire graphic arts supply chain.

With your color database hosted on myColorCloud, any change to that digital database will be immediately communicated throughout your whole supply chain. So if you want to add a new color to your digital database, by making the change in myColorCloud, the new color will be immediately available to all of the other PantoneLIVE-enabled hardware and software in your supply chain.

By communicating upfront which production spot colors are achievable, you can set clear expectations with your customers, resulting in less rework for colors and speeding up the costly, time-consuming color approval process.

Customer Case Study

Sun Chemical customers who have used myColorCloud include Folmex.

Folmex is a flexogrpahic printer based in Mexico City which designs and manufactures high-end added value flexible packaging solutions for its customers. The company prints more than 3.5 billion packages per year for more than 70 brands that reach all of the Americas. It is the Mexican converter with the most recognitions and awards.

Key to this success is a passion for innovation that has led to Folmex embracing the digital color management workflow and the benefits it can bring throughout the supply chain. Folmex have introduced various tools from the SunColorBox portfolio into their workflow (including PantoneLIVE, SunDigiProof Seine) to communicate the realistic color upfront with their clients, setting expectation, and ensuring the desired result is achieved in production.

The latest tool to be implemented by Folmex is myColorCloud, a private and secure library of customized digital spot color standards hosted on the same infrastructure as PantoneLIVE. Folmex can grant access to their own myColorCloud to various users in their supply chain with these colors and any subsequent updates immediately available in PantoneLIVE enabled software from design to press.

Having both PantoneLIVE and myColorCloud colors on the same infrastructure significantly improves data management and communication through the entire workflow. Folmex are a great example of embracing the latest technology available in the SunColorBox toolkit to improve efficiency in all areas of their supply chain.

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