SunPURO® Iron Oxides

High Purity Iron Oxides for Cosmetics

women-wearing-iron-oxide-tones-makeupIron oxides are among the most frequently used ingredients in color cosmetics. They aid in creating a spectrum of warm colors and skin tone shades. Although common, not all iron oxides are created equal.

The SunPURO® family offers:

  • The highest level of purity on the market
  • The most stringent heavy metal specifications
  • COSMOS-approved
  • HALAL certified
  • Kosher certified
  • ISO16128:2 rating 100% natural origin content


The Green Side of SunPURO® Iron Oxides- Upcycled Raw Materials

Made in the USA — Valparaiso, Indiana.

As beauty continues to dive deep into sustainability and transparency, the SunPURO® iron oxides offer a uniquely green story. The production of high purity cosmetic grade iron oxides upcycles two raw materials, removing and/or drastically reducing the potential of both liquid and landfill waste.

The SunPURO® iron oxides represent the highest purity, quality, and safety for cosmetic applications.


Sourced from the midwestern region of the United States, ferrous chloride is a by-product of the steel production process. Upcycled scrap metal is sourced from local steel manufacturers in the mid-west region of the USA, reducing environmental impact for transportation.


Surpassing Industry Standards

Every SunPURO® batch is stringently tested against 12 heavy metals, surpassing the industry standard E172, the European purity requirements for iron oxides. See all heavy metal specs by downloading the brochure. The three most vital to cosmetic and skin care customers include:




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SunPURO® Iron Oxides are Globally Approved for All Cosmetic Applications


SunPURO® Black Iron Oxide available in two grades:

  • C33-7001 offers jet black color
  • C33-7011 is non self heating, offering advantages for storage and transportation


SunPURO® Red Iron Oxide available in two shades:


SunPURO® Yellow Iron Oxide C33-9001

Formulas Using SunPURO® Iron Oxides

SunPURO® Natural Wax Dispersions

Combine the sustainable features of SunPURO® iron oxides with the naturality and unique formulation ease of Natural Wax Dispersions (NWD).

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SunPURO® Surface Treatments

Surface Treatments aid in:

  • Improved dispersability
  • Better skin adhesion
  • Water resistance
  • Superior tactile effects
  • Better compression

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